Dani x Flyer Litter - "The Fab Four" Photo Gallery

Click on the images to see a larger size.  Or, view the photos in a Flash Gallery/slideshow (not updated with 6 wk photos yet).

6 weeks old (days 42+)

Mr. Yellow Mr. Green's wet head

Mr. Yellow's favorite spot to sleep is on this deconstructed slide. Mr. Purple is on the wobbly board. Tori (unrelated) checking the pups out.

5 weeks old (days 35-41)

Video of puppies playing in the rain at 5.5 weeks: Video 1

Mr. Blue with the wing
Chilli the cat thinks bird wings are for cats, not puppies. Everyone gets in on the bird wing fun

4 weeks old (days 29-34)

Some videos taken on 7/26, pups first time outside:  Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

Purple, Blue, and Yellow No he's not sniffing butt - just chasing. Purple chasing Blue Invitation to play. Purple in saucer - nice butt :-) , Green or Blue(?) on the edge

Almost a retriever. Mr. Green I do tunnels already. Mr. Blue Sharing… Yellow and Green (?)

We're starting to crate train. Initial reaction… Finally Yellow claims a spot. Puppies now look for visitors and react to footsteps

Being watched. Wonder what the cats are thinking A little bit of play time. Blue boy with camel. Purple boy with cardboard carpet roll.

Exploring our new toys Everyone loves the new tippy saucer Playing with the cardboard tube from a rolled carpet. They seem to like that it moves.  Mr. Purple and Mr. Green pictured

Cuddly spaces…  Who needs a big box Sometimes we pester mom, but when we are bad she tells us off.
 Mr. Purple